How to make a purchase

Shop our store is very easy. Simply choose a product, add it to your basket by clicking on the shopping cart icon, process the order and make payment via secure connection.
How to find a product?
To find a product in our online shop we offer you the top menu and a second left menu titled with the word 'categories'. In them you can find the products divided into sections. Also, we provide you with a search engine located on the right side of the top menu for you to write on it any product.
Once the item found, you can expand the information by clicking on its name or its image. In this way you access the data sheet, which has the same detailed specifications and the price thereof.

How to place an order?
It is very easy. Simply add the product to the basket by clicking on the button to add to cart. You can continue to purchase other items or process your order with the products.
If you choose to checkout and pay for the product will meet the following steps:
1 - Registration
If you are not registered, you must register in our store as a customer. If you are already registered, you must log into your customer account to complete the purchase.
2 - Shopping Cart
Click on the product you wish to buy, check the amount of product and click 'add to cart'. After adding the product to the shopping cart you can choose to continue shopping or checkout. If you hover your mouse over the shopping cart at the top right of the web a dropdown with the amount of product choice as well as price and product name will appear. You can view your cart by clicking on 'Basket' or directly confirm the order by clicking on 'confirm'.

3 - Carrier
Once you confirm your shopping cart you must click on the carrier. To continue the process and move to the next step you must click the 'continue' button at the bottom right of the web.
4 - shipping and billing address
In this step we choose where we want to send us Home Solutions products. The billing address and shipping can be the same or else can include different directions. If you have inserted a new direction changes are not made we must click on the link 'update'. After choosing the billing address and shipping spent the next step of the process through the 'continue' button at the bottom right of the website.
5 - Shipping
We select the carrier and once read the general conditions of sale accept doing stick on the square button to the left. To move to the next step of the process must click the 'continue' button at the bottom right of the web.

6 - Payment
In the last step before processing the order must choose the most convenient way to pay. We put at your disposal two payment.
In this step, an order summary we are doing with the total price (including taxes and transportation) appears. Below we can see the two payment options:
- Payment by bank transfer income:
If you select payment by bank or bank transfer (clicking on it) will take us to the next page with information about the total price and currency accepted by Home Solutions. To complete your order payment by bank transfer income or click 'confirm my order' at the bottom right of the web. Then the information required to make the deposit or bank transfer is shown.

- Payment by Paypal
To select payment by Paypal we must click on 'pay with your debit card, credit or your Paypal account'. Paypal automatically redirect you to your secure server for payment by credit card. If you do not have Paypal account nothing happens, select the tab 'Do not have a Paypal cuienta?' and populates the data. Once payment, Paypal will redirect you to our website ending the process.